Vision and Mission


A pesticide free tomorrow


  1. Eliminate pesticides from mainstream vegetable supply without compromising profitability for farmers and quality for end consumers.
  2. Research, test and commercialize new technologies that can mitigate the current problems in agriculture and contribute to the modernization of farming practices to make them more user friendly. Attract talent from diverse backgrounds to come up with effective solutions for the growing problems in agriculture.
  3. Re-engineer the vegetable supply value chain in the Nepali markets to enhance value for farmers and the end consumers.
  4. Promote rooftop farming in Kathmandu Valley by availing lightweight Aeroponics based growing systems to customers and continue to test the feasibility of Aeroponics as an alternative to pesticide intensive traditional farming.
  5. Encourage members of our staff to take on ever greater responsibilities and empower them to bring us closer to our vision. Continually develop and adopt new systems and processes to make our human resources more efficient and effective in accordance to the principles of Kaizen.